PoissonCoin is a French cryptocurrency born on April Fools’ Day. The development team conducts an intensive research to collect the most inefficient features of existing and non-existing cryptocurrencies. Then, the team implement them badly… but for real ! Technically speaking, PoissonCoin is a proof-of-concept.

A new kind of blockchain

public ledger based on a centralized database (inspired by Ripple)​

A trustful system

proof of work made by the user (inspired by IOTA). Overdraft allowed without charges!

A great distribution model

early adopters exponentially advantaged (inspired by Bitcoin)

An arbitrary supply

no limit of tokens, every "pump" is a bubble (inspired by Stellar Lumens and IOTA)

Smart contracts in dothraki

programming with the language of Game of Throne to make it harder

An outstanding security

keys generated by a high quality ROT29 cryptosystem (a revolutionary protocol)

Understand PoissonCoin

The PoissonCoin has been called so for two reasons :

  1. It honors the famous French mathematician Simeon Poisson.
  2. On April Fool’s Day, French people are used to making jokes by sticking a paper fish to a victim’s back! (“poisson” means “fish” in French).

PoissonCoin uses a new cryptographic protocol called « ROT29 », which is an implentation of Caesar cipher for base58.

The whole project is detailed in the whitepaper.

History and roadmap

  • From April 1st : first ICO, a huge success during one year
  • May 1st : strike to claim a bank holiday for the International blockchain Workers’ Day
  • From April 1st : second ICO (during one year)
  • Smart contracts in Dothraki language (beta version)
  • Because of a hack, PoissonCoin splits into PoissonCoin and PoissonCoin Classic (2 forks).
  • From April 1st : third ICO (during one year)
  • Smart contracts in Dothraki language still in beta version
  • Because of technical disagreements, PoissonCoin splits into PoissonCoin and PoissonCoin Cash (3 forks in total)
  • From April 1st : forth ICO (during one year)
  • We give up with smart contracts in Dothraki language and invent something else useless for the marketing
  • Following some ego rushes, PoissonCoin Cash splits into PoissonCoin Cash SV and PoissonCoin Cash ABC (4 forks in total)

Get PoissonCoin

Each year, on April 1st, PoissonCoin is starting a presale of tokens called ICO (Incredible and Comic Opportunity). This presale always lasts one year (makes sense…).

Click here to participate.

During the month of April, PoissonCoin’s tokens are available according to a Poisson distribution based on DogeCoin! Pratically, It means that its price will increase! First day : 1 PoissonCoin = 1 DogeCoin. Last day : 1 PoissonCoin = 10 DogeCoin.

All details are available on Vivien Berriche’s github.

If you don’t care to own Poisson’s tokens, we perfectly understand! You can help the research in pataphysical cryptography with a donation. The development team will buy a stinky cheeses (he is French, so he likes stinky cheese). We do not want a Lamborghini because we prefer to ride bikes.

Vivien Berriche

CTO of PoissonCoin Foundation

Vivien Berriche

Mathematician, rot29 developper

Vivien Berriche

geek programmer

Vivien Berriche


Vivien Berriche is French. His name is pronounced “bearish” and not “be rich”. He studied at an expensive private business school in Versailles, France. Despite the easy network of this kind of school, he couldn’t find a job because he was the worst student. Then, he started a PhD : “the Schadenfreude applied to speculation”. But it was mostly copy-pasted from other works. So, he couldn’t find a postdoc either. The emergence of cryptocurrency has been a great opportunity for him: he has created his own job at the PoissonCoin Foundation. He knows some HTML, CSS, Scratch 3, and he is learning some PHP and Python. He is the inventor of ROT29.

Frequently Asked Questions

PoissonCoin is a real JOKE. Therefore, it can’t be a scam.

PoissonCoin does not replace neither fiat nor mainstream cryptocurrencies for the moment.

Picture yourself a lake… and there is a stunning full moon who reflects over the water. It will moon that way.

There are currently no public declaration of Justin Bieber about PoissonCoin. Check yourself!

The answer is definitevely no! There are too much bad advertising on and PoissonCoin is a ad-free website.

No. PoissonCoin is attached to free software and GPL. Richard Stallman wouldn’t appreciate such a partnership.

… Bitcoin :

both have user-friendly adresses like « 1PEhfS93X8NA85JwwaCwm6FAtWYF7KTSt3 » but a single transaction of Bitcoin costs hundreds of kWh while ten transactions of PoissonCoin cost only a few mWh…

… Ripple :

both are centralized cryptocurrencies but Ripple is ruled by a conglomerate of international banks and capitalist companies while PoissonCoin is only ruled by Vivien Berriche.

Cardano :

both are driven by a research-first approach but Cardano uses Haskell for its smart-contracts, a language that nobody knows except highly skilled scientists, while PoissonCoin use Dothraki langage, the popular language of Game of Throne.

Use PoissonCoin now!

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