New transaction

You can get a pair of keys here

(private key of the sender starting by "SecretPoisson-")

(public key of the recipient starting by "PublicPoisson-")

(should only contains lowercase letters and space - no digits, special characters nor injection code)

Do you have enough funds?

and this the proof of work of PoissonCoin !
You have to solve a kid's puzzle. See an example below if it's too hard for you.

My answer is :

Frequently asked questions

Is it secure to copy-paste my private key here?

Jokes enable things that serious situations don't. That's why jokes are superior. So, it's not a problem here to give your private key ;-)

What's happen if I say "yes" to the question "Do you have enough funds?" but I'm lying?

PoissonCoin is a trustful ecosystem. So, you are not ethically allowed to do it. If you do it, you get an overdraft without charges... We proceed like this because we have a great faith in humanity... especially concerning money.

What is the difference between IOTA's PoW and PoissonCoin's PoW?

IOTA asks users to validate transactions of two random people by solving a math problem, which is boring, while PoissonCoin asks users to validate their own transaction by solving an easy puzzle, which is funny.

I am not able to solve the puzzle! What can I do?

You can ask your 5-year old nephew to help you. Here is an example.