Get PoissonCoin

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the amount of PoissonCoins that you want.
  2. You receive a link with some infos like the adress of the PoissonCoin Foundation.
  3. Proceed your transaction in DOGE or ETH (and wait for miners' confirmation)
  4. Confirm your transaction on the link with your transaction number on the blockchain of DOGE or ETH (something like 0x67074...7b064402 or f0a285...00bed9)
  5. That's it! You will receive your PoissonCoins!

This procedure really works but we do remember that PoissonCoin is a joke and this should be seen as a donation for all this useless work :-)

(your public key starting by "PublicPoisson-" - you can generate here a pair of keys)

(not required)

(should only contains lowercase letters and space - no digits, special characters nor injection code)

Cryptocurrency used:  

Value : ETH  —  DOGE  —  USDT.

and this the proof of work of PoissonCoin !

You have to solve a kid's puzzle. See an example if it's too hard for you.

My answer is :

Minimum of purchase is 5 and maximum is 5000 PoissonCoins. You can also get some PoissonCoins for free if you prefer an airdrop!.