Frequently asked questions

Is PoissonCoin a real coin or a fishy scam?

PoissonCoin is a real JOKE. Therefore, it can't be a scam.

Will I be able to use my PoissonCoin?

We will try to provide later some funny ways to use them on our website (surprise! we won't spoil). But PoissonCoin does not replace fiat for the moment.

Can I exchange PoissonCoin to Litecoin for example?

If you find someone to exchange... but it's not sure ;) Anyway, do not expect PoissonCoin on exchanges like Bittrex or Binance, even not on Yobit or Etherdelta. Buying PoissonCoin should be seen as non-reversable.

Will PoissonCoin moon?

Picture yourself a lake... and there is a stunning full moon who reflects over the water. It will moon that way.

Why should I buy PoissonCoin?

Buying PoissonCoin help pataphysics research in cryptography, a cheap field of satirical sciences.

I'm not convinced in buying PoissonCoin...

So, don't buy it : free jokes are the best. You can also get some PoissonCoins for free by choosing "Airdrop". Keep in mind that it's better for your karma to give money to homeless charities than a weird project ;)

Pataphysical answered questions

Does Justin Bieber support PoissonCoin?

There are currently no public declaration of Justin Bieber about PoissonCoin. Check yourself!

Will PoissonCoin be listed on

The answer is definitevely no! There are too much bad advertising on and PoissonCoin is a ad-free website.

Is there any partership between Microsoft and PoissonCoin?

No. PoissonCoin is attached to free software and GPL. Richard Stallman wouldn't appreciate such a partnership.

What's the similarity between PoissonCoin and...

... Bitcoin :

both have user-friendly adresses like "1PEhfS93X8NA85JwwaCwm6FAtWYF7KTSt3" but a single transaction of Bitcoin costs hundreds of kWh while ten transactions of PoissonCoin cost only a few mWh...

... Ripple :

both are centralized cryptocurrencies but Ripple is ruled by a conglomerate of international banks and capitalist companies while PoissonCoin is only ruled by Vivien Berriche.

... Cardano :

both are driven by a research-first approach but Cardano uses Haskell for its smart-contracts, a language that nobody knows except highly skilled scientists, while PoissonCoin use Dothraki langage, the language of Game of Throne.